Why NoseSecret works best and why copies are not safe ! Video

Posted by NoseSecret team on 18th Apr 2018

One of our customers, who had seen the amaizing results of NoseSecret  for over 2 years, revealed why she prefers NoseSecret over the cheap and fake imitations sold  on the web.  If you have seen "NoseSecret on Amazon" or "NoseSecret on ebay" , be cusious. We do NOT  sell Nosesecret on Amazon  so don't be misslead buy it. 

Rube explains  why she thinks fake NoseSecret brands are not  safe and why she got mislead and move by the cheap price to find out that it did not work. Quality and then safety make a big difference.

At NoseSecret, we take  pride in the quality of our product. NoseSecret was created almost a decade ago after we developed, tested, and tried a product that could give optimal results to those seeking an effective nose lifting solution without surgery.

Nosesecret is made in the U.S.A. of health grade approved materials. It is not a medical device, rather a cosmetic product mostly used for photo shoots and special occasions that do not intend to replace a nose job. We manufacture, operate and ship from the United States offering phone, chat and online customer support.

Since Nosesecret has been successful around the world, makers of fake NoseSecret from China have found an opportunity to use our Trademark and copyrighted material to sell cheap imitations of our original product to mislead NoseSecret users all over the web.

Be aware that by buying a fake product you may be exposed to breath in toxic chemical materials.

The authentic Nosesecret is NOT sold on Amazon.com! Just because you see "Nosesecret on Amazon.com" or Ebay using our trademark, does NOT mean it is an original Nosesecret. Currently, there are sellers on Ebay.com and Amazon.com selling counterfeited versions of NoseSecret from China using our trademark to trick buyers. 

NoseSecret is receiving multiple complaints for those been scammed by unscrupulous sellers on Amazon and Ebay.

When you buy NoseSecret on Ebay, make sure it is sold by our Official Ebay store: NoseSecret and our Ebay authorized reseller: Fabtrend

If you have any doubt or concern feel free to contact us filling out contact form below, chat with us, call us at (201)266-0077, or email us at customercare@nosesecret.com