Where to find "The Original Nosesecret" ?

Posted by The NoseSecret team on 28th Apr 2016

We have spent a great deal growing our brand, serving our customers and providing the best customer support to our worldwide audience for over twelve years.

Our work had paid off. However, our good reputation had inspired some of the not so good  people to copy and sell their own version of the product using our brand name without authorization, deceiving customers in the process.

We are the authentic original NoseSecret® nose reshaper! . We make our products in  the U.S.A. and we take pride of the quality  and service provide to our customers

Safety comes first! We use medical grade, quality plastic in our nose shapers. Our unique design was tested for  safety, comfort and results. We have gone through lengthy work to create manuals, guides, and videos to show users how to safely wear Nose Secret.

NoseSecret® is a registered trademark so if you see  our trademark used to sell  an  "unknown brand" , be aware that you are about to be scammed. If you have any questions regarding a re seller always reach out to us to keep the bad guys out. Unfortunately, we have received  complaints because of scammers! Don’t fall for it!

Even when you think you might find NoseSecret® in  Amazon, NO , we do not sell on Amazon.  If you see somewhere on the  web  "NoseSecret® in Amazon" , rest assured that that is another attempt to illegally use our trademark. 

Where to buy original NoseSecret®?

The number one go place to buy the authentic product  is our website at www.nosesecret.com.

We also sell to Ebay shoppers under the accounts “NoseSecret” and authorized reseller account "Fabtrend" . IN addition you will find us at Poshmark

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