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"Thank u so much. I have receive my package. And I am very happy with it.its works I can't believe it. Amazing results amazing"

                                                                      M. From Germany 2/10/16


"I bought this product on a whim, thinking that it wouldn't work for me, that an "instant nosejob" was too good to be true. HOWEVER, this product is not a joke. It really does work. Although sometimes the nosesecret falls out time to time, it's only my first week. However, during the times that nosesecret stays on, the change is magnificient!"

                                                                                            A.T. from California 01/25/16

"I ordered Nose Secret after watching makeup tutorials on youtube and hearing reviews from those who tried the product. I initially bought it to wear during my senior portrait shoot as well as a wedding anniversary and family reunion. My nose is very flat and as a result, the tip tends to look larger than the rest of my nose-- this was easily fixed when I used nose secret, as the nostril inserts lifted my nose and made the tip pointy and higher, thus making the tips look much smaller than it naturally is. I wanted to use it also for the sake of seeing how my nose could possibly look like if I made some changes by way of surgery later on. Although I bought the inserts thinking that I would only use it a few times before putting it away, I have been using it every few days because I feel very confident in my looks and it's all thanks to the nostril inserts! I bought the starter pack, but I gave the spare pairs of inserts to my friend, who also happened to love it. I would highly reccommend it to anyone who's thinking of either surgically enhancing their nose, or simply for the use of looking great in photographs! In the three months that I have used it, I haven't had any problems aside from initial discomfort. I am definitely looking into permanent enhancement by means of surgery in the future and I can't wait to gain even more self-confidence in my looks."

J. C. from New Jersey 11/18/14



I ordered the S, M, L kit, but the small actually ended up being too big for my nose. I'm a 23 year old petite, female. I would suggest the XS, S, M kit to most females wanting to try nose secret. Nose secret helps straighten out the profile of my nose, hiding the bump that I have. It also makes my bulbous tip appear smaller and more pointed. So far I'm extremely impressed with the results NoseSecret has offered, even though the size small is a little too big making it uncomfortable to wear throughout the day.

K. M. from California 11/4/14


MALE REVIEW: I'm 19 year old boy based in London, I used nose secret after weeks of reading reviews and after receiving them was instantly impressed, they are awesome, they even shaped my nose so that when they weren't inserted my nose still held a more defined and sharp shape. I used to have a habit of playing with my nose a lot, trying to improve the shape but with these I didn't have to and unfortunately since losing them i have started again. They gave me a lot of confidence and iproved my overall look, couldn't be happier with them well worth every penny.

J. K. from the UK 10/28/14


I'm so glad that I discovered Nose secret! It lift my nose up instantly and slim down nose, I can't believe how well it actually works with such a cheap price! I'm asian and I have a short and wide nose, I use either the xs or s size depend on the occasion. Putting in Nose secret only takes a few seconds and it won't hurt after wearing it for 10 hours straight! This product is absolutely awesome and I think I will continue to wear it for years!

C. C. from Pennsylvania 10/30/14


I have always hated my nose! I have a droopy, slanted tip and have always wanted a nose job. Thanks to nose secret I get the cutest button nose ever!I've been wearing Nose Secret for about two years and it has seriously changed my life. It is my HOLY GRAIL. I was so skeptical, but I am so glad I tried this out! I am so amazed. It has really changed my life by giving me the confidence I always wanted!

M. E. from Texas 10/23/14


I've always had a droopy nose and always covered it up with my hands when I laughed because I was so embarrassed. Nose Secret has helped me be much more confident! I've been wearing them for about a month now and for about a few hours at a time. It's important to remember that these are are not an all day solution.So wear them with moderation. But all in all this is an awesome product and I will be re-purchasing in the future! Thank you NS for giving me my confidence back!

C. C. from California 10/22/14


I have been a returning customer ever since i bought my first nose enhancer in 2013. To be honest, I have been buying this enhancer for the 4th time already (not because it broke or anything just because i lost them) and they never fail me. The enhancer is like a necessary make up for me, I ALWAYS wear them for my daily basis. When I wear them,my nose INSTANTLY looks slimmer and sharp (i have quite a large and round nose) not only it enhances my nose, it enhances my confidence. I am not exaggerating, i recently just lost my third pair and before I fill in this testimonial i just finished buying my fourth one (hopefully i won't lose it any sooner). I AM ONE SATISFIED CUSTOMER :D

B. W. from Australia 10/16/14 


"I wasn't sure if Nose Secret would really work for me but after watching the videos on Youtube I decided to order. Make sure that you get the assortment of sizes because it's hard to know which size to get if you place a single size order. It made my hook nose so much more perky looking, and now I am not self-conscious of my side view. I will order again if I lose a pair. I love it!"

G.P. 9/4/14


Hello, I have been using the Nose Secret kit for two days now and I like the way it makes my nose more straight and short. I plan to wear them everyday now. It changes my life because it makes me feel way more confident and pretty.

D.X. 8/15/14 


"Greetings from the Philippines! I am quite satisfied with the product and is did great! I was very skeptical at first but now I wear Nose Secret almost all the time. I wear it to class, on Night outs and even forgot I was still having it on while doing my laundry! At first it was quite painful but after I got used to it,  I gradually went from using the Small to Medium and now I like the Large. It is great for people who do not like the hassle  of long down time after a nose job. I also like the fact that I can just remove it anytime. Thank you for making this innovative product.
 Also, I attached a photo of my before and after. Apologies if low resolution. It was just edited frm my phone."
BL 03/27/2013

"This product is amazing! It really works wonders and you can see a vivid difference in your nose. I love this product."

 S.I    3/6 /2013


Good afternoon, I received this product in the mail yesterday and could not wait to try it. I would like to offer up my personal (honest) review as well as submit pictures of the results. In my opinion, ethnic noses are very different and the results are much more noticeable. I am sure that, like myself, there are many African American women willing to try this product; but are unsure of it without seeing someone like ourselves in the photo gallery.   I ordered the M,L,XL kit and first tried the medium. First, I would like to say that I find them to be extremely uncomfortable. It could be that it gets better in time, but I am not convinced. Much like heels, these hurt, but I'm still going to wear them! I would not expect something that stretches the nose to feel comfortable, so for this I was prepared. I had difficulty inserting and removing them, but I am sure that is simply user error.   The results were great! I immediately saw a difference right away. From the side profile view, I have a much more defined and pointed nose. It will take some getting used to for sure! The pictures attached are of the before and after with the Medium splints.   Thanks for a great product!

A. 25y/o, Maryland 2/22/13


" I ordered the size M for my first time, Im very happy with the product It arrived within a week! I can notice a change but so far i have not receiced any comments on my nose, I love it tho my left nostril I can hardly even feel its even there, but there is something wrong with my right nostril Im not sure if maybe is bigger or just dumb lol it hurts more to cause I have to keeps messing with it to stay in place, all in all I give this product 5 stars! "

S.B. 2/ 17/2013


"Hello, I am excited to be the first person to post in 2013! This product has to be the best tool I have ever used my whole life. I am absolutely stunned by how well it works, and how defined it has made my wide, droopy,and bulky nose. It gives lift to the tip and makes it look triangular rather than globular. I really thank you, Fabiola for your invention because it has surely changed my life. I have more confidence when I go out,I feel so much more attractive with my "new nose" and I have adapted to the feel in my nose already, its like their not there besides a little soreness. (I overdid it the first time) At any rate, I love the product, it is the only nose product I have tried that I have seen results with, and I am sticking with it! Thank you so much Fabiola you are the best. P.S. customer service is so excellent and very helpful, best people in the world!!"

D.S. 2/3/13


"After enjoying nose secret for over a year now, I can happily say that it changed my life.  A lot of people don't understand how something as small as the shape of your nose really can shape or break a person's confidence.  All throughout middle school and high school people called me "big bird" and "bird nose"  it hurt so much and made me feel ugly.  I wanted a small, beautiful nose like the rest of the girls in my class. 

After trying everything; pushing the cartilage in my nose for 15 minutes every day before school, the nose right, the nose up, clothes pins, and tons of other useless gimmicks, I ran into the nose secret on google.

  At first i was really skeptical and didn't think it would work, but I decided I might as well try since I've tried everything else.  I'm soo happy I did!  I wouldn't say that it's quite a miracle, I still wish my nose were a little smaller, but the only way to change that is surgery.  The results nose secret gave me are sooooo impressive!!!!! 

 I don't feel like I need nose surgery anymore. After getting nose secret, I went from hating my nose to being okay with it. I've been wearing nose secret for over a year now and wear them all day every day without any pain. I actually sometimes forget they are even there. I've accidentally swam, showered, and slept in them many times without any problems. I can also sneeze and blow my nose and they stay in perfectly. Thank you so much for everything, no lie, this is truly an amazing product.                                   

L.B. 10/2/12


"I bought Nose Secret being a little skeptical because the reviews of it were so positive I thought it had to be fake.
You can't imagine how happy I was to discover that it WORKED.
I had self confidence issues because of my nose since my early teens and nosesecret finally gave me a solution that didn't involve painful and expensive surgery. The bump in my profile went away and the tip was raised slightly.
I wear it every day with no problems and I love smiling for pictures now, in sharp contrast to how I felt in front of the camera before.
Nose secret honestly changed my life, and gave me my self esteem back"

Nat. 08/31/12


I'm highly satisfied with the results in using the inserts for a while now. I started from XS gradually adjusting to working my way up to XL without a problem and I couldn't be any happier. Instant results and helps me breathe better too! They gave me more confidence and helped me get a better social life. Also, they made me save a lot of money from doing a rhinoplasty too! I love this product and I'm glad I've found it before spending tons of cash! :)

Andri 07/26/12


First..I ordered these on thursday with free shipping  and they arrived on saturday! I put them in my car at the mailbox I started with the medium then the large then the xl. Let me tell you... This is the first time I have ever been happy to wear an xl!  I was  so skeptical... But this really perks up the end of my nose and slims my bulbous nose. I will admit that the look isn't a miracle or perfect... But it really makes a huge  huge!! difference!

Mel. 7/15/2012


Hi!  I just want to let you know that I am absolutely in love with this little gadget!  I am half French and half Filipino and I have a cute nose except when I smile.  It droops down into this upside down triangle shape and it really bothers me.  Also,  my profile is a little flatter than I'd like and droops slightly.  I've dreamed about nose jobs but the more I see celebrities with terrible surgeries the more I feel it's not for me.  I mean,  they have access to amazing plastic surgeons and they still look bad?  Not for me.  I just wanted to thank you for this. It's really amazing how something so small can make me so very happy.  Thank you so much :)       

OKMA 7/14/2012


Nosesecret solved my wide nose. Iv been wearing them for 3 months and people complement me on how pretty I look. More people come up and talk to me.

Megan 7/04/12


My nose is cute,  but it droops slightly when I smile & is a bit wider at the bottom than I would like. I have considered a nose job in the past but they are so expensive, I don't have the time to take off from work while I recover, & I'm also afraid of it looking really fake. So,  when I heard about nose secret, I figured it wouldn't hurt to try... Well!  The medium size is perfect!  It lifted the tip and brought my nostrils in, so my nose looks so much cuter and feminine! I have been using nose secret for about a month & it's been one of the best times of my life. I love feeling so confident.  I am just so ecstatic!  I never thought I could ever have my nose look so perfect without a nose job!  My face looks so much more girly and delicate.  I love Nose Secret!  Thanks so much!

H.M 6/27/12


" I just wanted to say how much I love the nose secret! When I was younger my nose was so beautiful; it had a nice and pointy refined tip with a straight nose bridge, but at age 12 I sprained my nose and because of the trauma, it created an ugly hump

in the middle of my nose which caused the tip to droop down. Ever since the accident I've always hated my nose and have considered going under the knife plentiful. I'm not afraid of the surgery or recovery, but I simply don't have money for surgery because I've got to cover other expenses like bills and utilities. Thankfully I found Nosesecret while looking for rhinoplasty alternatives online.

The nose secret gently lifts the tip of my nose and it really transforms my profile instantly! I wear it everyday for school! I have found myself a lot more confident and happy now. I've been wearing the nose secret since September 2011 and

my size ranges from medium to large (depending on how much tip refinement I want).

AJ 5/5/12  



Jersey Girl 6/16/12


"I usedto be not confident of my face because of my nose. The bridge and midsection of it is fine, but the tip is undefined and too wide. NoseSecret splints refined my nose, lifting and straightening it just theway I want it to be. Now I can proudly look at the camera from everyangle without going through an expensive and painful surgery.

The splints aren't uncomfortable at all; in fact, I can put them inand forget about them! The best part is that when I take them out, mynose retains some of the shape.

I love this product."

R. Chan 03/29/12


I HATED my nose before I purchased my first Nose Secret. My nose was very wide and I really wanted to add some definition to it. I was seriously considering plastic surgery until I stumbled upon the Nose Secret website a few months ago. I ordered it immediately. I had been trying the Nose Huggie before I got my Nose Secret but it wasn't doing anything for me. Now my nose is perfect and I didn't even have to undergo surgery! It adds the perfect little point that I've always wanted. I'm really pleased. I advise everyone to give it a try before you knock it! You will not be disappointed. Also, the Nose Secret has been featured on ABC so you know it's legit! Like I said it's great and it doesn't hurt. TRY IT!!

T.J. 03/13/12


I started using the splints on Feb. 14th, it is now Feb. 28th and I LOVE WHOEVER INVENTED THIS. When i first put them on it took me about 30 min, i was scared they'd go up my nose, but then i realized that unless you literally shove them UP your nose that's highly unlikely to happen. I sneeze every time i see the sun (in other words, very often) and even w sneezing 5+ times a day they stay in place! I will say though that wearing them for over 2 hours before you're used to it WILL BE SO PAINFUL don't make the same mistake i did, the inside of your nose is very sensitive because it's an area that's barely been touched since the day you were born. Now that I'm used to them though i wear it almost all day w no serious problem. As long as you take them out carefully, they won't hurt. (Take them out starting from the back not the tip.) I love these, i just wish they'd coat the plastic w/ something softer, they would attract so many new customers! Not everyone thinks pain is worth having a 'cute nose' Over all I can honestly say I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH, TRY IT!!!

-Jes  2/28/12


Heya there!

Just wanted to share my views and opinions on the product and receive another set (normal size).

 1. What problem did NoseSecret solved.

Quite simple.. My nose is slightly wider and more shaply than the average one. Sometimes it looks real bad on camera. With NoseSecret it is completely sharp and straight, making my nose near perfect. I look a lot better.

2. For how long are you wearing them

Been using them for about 2 months now. Depending on the situation I can wear them for up to 6/7 hours.

3. How it changed your life.

It boosted my self esteem and confidence way up. I feel real good each time I wear them, honestly. I go clubbing and could care less what others think of me because I think highly of myself when I wear them. Life's been made a lit bit easier, and for quite a small price. Thanks.

Korean customer 2/22/12


"I received your delivery of the NoseSecret, on last Friday.  Thank you.
At first, I tried to put them in my nose, it was so so tough, I actually gave up and about to return the product... BUT after a few tries and trying on different sizes, L M S, I finally got the hang of it and know my size that would make me look natural which is size Small. Size Medium, looks nice too but it looks so unnatural on my face.
So now I love your product, and planning to wait for your next discount or promotion.
Thank you.



"NOSE SECRET is wonderful! I've just received my kits, and I can tell - they are discreet, do not hurt, do not compromise your breath ... and they look SO NATURAL!!
In my case, it gently turns up the tip of my nose, and it looks beautiful!
I totally recommend it, not just the product itself, but the care and attention by NOSE SECRET."

Regards! Adriana. 11/20/11


"I just wanted to say, thank you sooo much for your product. It is absolutely wonderful and 100% works for me!!!!
I have tried many things, such as the nose up, and nothing actually worked, but this did; and it did it INSTANTLY!
This product has helped me feel so much more confident and I am able to actually wait until I can get my nose job done without being depressed everyday.
I can take pictures of myself now and not feel ugly and I am no longer embarrassed by my side profile.
Thank you so much for your wonderful product, it has literally changed my life. I will be ordering from you for the third time later this week."

R.C.  8/5/2011


"I don't know how to tell you all this, and you probably hear it a lot, but thank you SO much for making this product. I have always hated my face due to my wide nose. Today, I received my package and tried the 3 sizes, finding medium to be perfect. I now look like I had a REALLY good, subtle nose job, thanks to your product. This is the first time in my life that I have ever felt pretty, and I am getting married a week from Saturday. I wore the splints immediately for 4 hours and felt no discomfort. Just simply a genius, life-changing invention. I can even breath better when I wear them."

Gin 7/15/2011


"I recently received the M,L,XL introductory nose secret kit as a birthday present and I can't tell you guys how much I love it!  At first I thought my friend was playing a practical joke on me, but these things actually work!  I have a really droopy nose that is kind of crooked, these inserts made it so cute and pointed up!  I know you're not supposed to wear them all day the first few days you get them, but I couldn't help myself! I've been wearing them all day to work since I've got them! They feel a little weird at first but I got used to them fast.  They have definitely improved my self confidence.  My nose used to be the one thing about myself I hated, but not anymore! Thanks guys!

L.B NE, US 6/6/11


Thank you very much! I received my product today and couldn't be any happier. Thank you for your amazing customer support aswell! :)

L. Sidney, Australia 5/13/11


I just got the kit and already used it.  Thank you so much, I love it!!

A. 04/25/2011


Hi my name is Brittani,
I brought Nose Secret about 2 months ago and i absolutely fell in love with this product. It instantly corrected the bulkiness of  the front of my nose and slimmed the look of my nose altogether. Overall it increased my self-esteem. I am wearing mines almost every other day now, I just cant go with out it. It positively changed my life because I couldnt afford a nose job and this product was a winner. My boyfriend likes it and I adore it! Thank-you so much NoseSecret for helping me feel better about myself {:

Britt U. 03/31/2011 


This is Awesome!!!!!
im so glad i did bussiness with u..
i will recomend the side and product to all my costumers!!!!
thx so much!

Edmy 03/02/2011


I have always been very concerned about my appearance. So I began to search for something that would give me a quick fix. I researched the surgery, and other cosmetic procedures, they were much too expensive and way to drastic. The nose secret inserts, offer a noticeable difference, one girl almost asked me if I had gotten a nose job.

but then she stopped herself, because she knows that could not happen that quickly, and I am a student and cannot afford that. My mother did not even know what to say She assumed it was her good genes. She even complimented me. The Inserts are great, they work, and they give a noticeable improvement

Happy girl 02/01/2011


Hi.. just got off the phone with one of your "friendly" representatives and wanted you guys to know that I'm VERY pleased with your product! I recieved my overnight shipment yesterday which consisted of three different sizes... after "playing" around with them I decided which pair suited me best.
To be honest I'm totally shocked at the subtle yet satisfying change it made to my nose...I patiently waited in anticipation to recieve your product in the mail not knowing if the wait would be worth it or not...well it was..and you guys saved me about five grand!!!
Again thanks so much!!

A VERY HAPPY satisfied customer.

Pam 11/05/2010


I want to thank you for inventing this wonderful product that has helped my confidence in so many ways. This product is very easy to use and is simple to remove. I love how it feels, very comfortable and makes such a big difference. Being an Asian ethnic person, I didn't want to spend close $5000 in getting a nose surgery. My nose is pretty bulbous in the front. This product helped my nose become smaller and pointier. It looks natural and I love it. Thanks so much for designing a great product." NoseSecret size used "M" /

J.L. 11/8/10


"I used this, and it makes my wide nostrils appear quite more symmetrical, and it lifts my nose up a bit! I am very satisfied, i hope this product gets more recognition! /Andrew

A.  04/06/10



K.J.  03/17/10


"Fast delivery, simple instructions, very real results. I actually hate myself for not knowing about this product when I was younger. I could have married a better looking woman. The amazing results of your product are no laughing matter though. It works and I LOVE it.

Dave  02/24/10


"I ordered your product and was surprised how quickly the package came in the mail. I did not have high expectations for this nose corrector but figured I would give it a try. I did not want to spend thousands of dollars on surgery to slim down my nose and have already been through a painful chin augmentation.

I was so AMAZED with how the small nose corrector slimmed down my nose and made all of my facial features proportionate. I am a part time working model and my face is photographed close up for make-up beauty products, jewelry and hair shoots. I am looking forward to my next shoot and will feel confident that the make up artist will not have to contour my nose to not make it look so wide. This subtle change will make the photographs even stronger with more proportionate facial features and a slender nose.

Thank you for your product that ACTUALLY works,

Thanks,Cindy  02/01/10


 "Hi there this is Zen.... from london I just want say my shipping arrived today morning and i am very pleased with your services also the product is right for me so so soooo happy :) 

Thanks,Zen  02/01/10


"I received the packageYou have done a great service.I am a marketing manager.You have done an excellent customer service."

 Thanks,Fabio  8/21/09


"After i found out about this product ! i try it && i love it !!! highly recommend =]"

Trinh, Florida 4/24/09


“Three years ago I had a rhinoplasty and was very disappointed with my results. My nose bent to one side, one nostril was shaped differently than the other, and my profiles looked like two different people. I was afraid additional surgery could turn out even worse and I didn`t want to spend thousands of dollars again to take that chance. I decided to try Nose Secret and have been thrilled with my results. I bent each side a little differently to make up for the asymmetry in my nose and it worked! I wish I had known about Nose Secret before having surgery in the first place, but for the first time since my rhinoplasty I am happy with my nose. I am very grateful to have found this product!

Jennifer, Georgia 04/05/2009


"Hey, just letting you guys know that I love your product. I feel much more confident when I`m wearing them and look better than ever."

Thanks, James 02.17.09


"I just wanted to say the nose secret is awesome!!! I love it! And now that I have it I can`t go without it. I was considering a nose job until I discovered the nose secret, so it has probably saved me around $7,000 dollars. Thanks for making such a great product!"

Kristen Houston, TX.


"Hello, I love this site. It prevented me from paying a lot of money for a nose job. I have ordered before and will so again so I can keep an extra pair in the car."

From Illinois 02.11.09


"I just wanted to let ya`ll know I LOVE this product!!! My nose is cute!!! Well, the cutest version of what I was born with, without surgery (that I`m scared to death of) And it`s affordable! I`m going to be recommending this to EVERYONE I KNOW! I`ve got great before and after pics also, if you need any! Thanks so much for a great and innovative product!"

Allyson. 02.10.09


"When I heard about this product, I was very skeptical but when I saw the 30 day guarantee, I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. I am vey glad to have discovered this product! It gave my nose a slimmer look with a more lifted tip. Even my husband thought I looked different (in a good way) but couldn`t quite figure out what it was. Thank you!!!! "

Kirsten 02.13.09


"I started using nose secret for 3 months and i am addicted. It gave me more confidence without paying a lot of money for surgery and it doesn’t have the risk of surgery. The price is affordable. NoseSecret has the best customer service. I would always consider buying from them again."

Anonymous. 02.05.09


"Ok, I received the product! This product is really nice! Thanks so much! "

Diana 01.08.09


"I don’t need any surgery, this is just what I was looking for…it’s a perfect solution!"

Danna, 01.07.08


"The nose corrector from Nose Secret is a practical solution. I was a little skeptical at the beginning just because I have never tried something like these nose correctors before. It really works and you don`t have to wait to see the results. In days, less than a week, you will notice your nose narrower and straighter without pain, nose surgery and the most important part: it is done naturally. I love them."

Natahaly E., New York


"I am so glad I found the nose corrector, I was so scared of the nose job, the anesthesia and the pain without mentioning the cost of it. I love them… I use them every day at the office and I am so used to it that I don t feel that I have them on anymore."

Sophie, New York


“For the price, it is worth the try. I use them for important occasions, the change is huge and the price is right”

Norman, New York


"After not seeing my friend for over 4 years the first thing she said when she saw me was "You had a nose job" I couldn't believe that the change was so dramatic. I used to wear them everyday and although I don`t need them anymore I can`t live without them. I strongly recommend it."

Julia, New Jersey


“I never felt so confident before. The nose corrector brought my social life back”

Susan, New Jersey


"I can see the difference with the nose corrector on. It will take me some time (two words) to get used to the idea but I will give it a try"

Alberto, NJ


“You see the difference right away, very nice look”

Karina, New York.


I want to thank you for inventing this wonderful product that has helped my confidence in so many ways. This product is very easy to use and is simple to remove. I love how it feels, very comfortable and makes such a big difference. Being an Asian ethnic person, I didn't want to spend close $5000 in getting a nose surgery. My nose is pretty bulbous in the front. This product helped my nose become smaller and pointier. It looks natural and I love it. Thanks so much for designing a great product." NoseSecret size used "M"

J.L. 11/8/10


To be honest, I was not expecting anything big when I purchased the product.., But when It arrived and after putting it on, I felt bad for those people who take big risks and lots of money on having a surgery.
Because this Little Thing Does the miracle! I couldn't take my face out of the mirror and see how my nose changed instantly! just WOW! 
Now that I'm using it almost all the time when I go out, at first it will hurt but soon your nose will get used to it, and you will feel almost nothing at all!

Elisha, Japan 10/28


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