Worried About Aging Nose? Try These!

25th Feb 2016

No matter how contoured your nose is in your youth, it may change in shape and size as you age. It is mainly due to the fact that your bones, skin, soft tissues, and cartilage are constantly changing. The changes in nose structure and skin may stretch out or sag your nose. Besides, the tip of your nose may seem wider as your skin loses strength and the nose glands enlarge.

Of course, it is not good news for us as a well balanced and symmetrical nose is crucial for an attractive facial appearance. However, there are ways that can help you keep your facial structure in proportion or balance to maintain the youthfulness of your nose. Here are some of the ways to keep your nose in perfect shape.

Try Facercise

Facercise, developed by Carole Maggio, is one of the most recommended exercises for aging nose. The systematic facial exercise aims at strengthening muscles to achieve toned and young-looking facial features. With its skin tightening and muscle strengthening techniques, Facercise can make your nose shorter and narrower thus giving your overall appearance a younger and more attractive look.

Use the FlexEffect

As we age, our facial bones may shrink causing sag. The shrinkage may even cause the nose to lose its original appearance leading to an unattractive overall look. FlexEffect Facialbuilding program, developed by Deborah Crowley, thus provides a great solution to bring your nose back into shape. The FlexEffect exercises can sustain the integrity of the skin by repairing connective tissues, collagen, and elastic fibers to strengthen nose muscles.


Nose massage is one of the oldest natural techniques for reshaping the nose. Massaging each area of the nose in a circular motion at least five times a day can perfect the bridge, the tip, and the sides of the nose. Besides giving you a narrower nose, it may also relieve other nasal problems, including sinus.

Use Nose Splints

Going through the pain of rhinoplasty at a later stage of life may be overwhelming. Nose splints are the best alternative to surgical procedures that can give your aging nose the right lift to improve your overall facial appearance. With the easy-to-use tool, you can gently lift the tip of your sagging nose and enjoy looking and feeling years younger in just no time.

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