Will Nosesecret work for your nose shape?

6th Jul 2015

There is not just one type of attractive nose, at Nose Secret, we believe that there are many types of attractive noses, and we have the products that will best shape your nose into the optimal nose for your facial structure.

If you are not sure what type of nose you have, there was a study done that determined there are 14 different types of nose structures, let’s take a look at a few of the most common and see if those nose types fit you.

The most common type of nose, according to the study is the celestial nose, it is a thinner cut with a slight ski slope up at the end. Some people who have this nose have a steeper slope at the end, unveiling too much nostril.

Then there is the hawk nose, this nose type also has the thinness of a celestial nose, but instead of having the ski slope at the end, the nose, ahem, nose dives towards the lip like a beak.

Another type described in the study was the Roman nose, this nose is long and straight, with slightly larger than average nostrils, unlike the previous two.

The last one we will describe is the snub nose, this nose is smaller in size with average sized nostrils, with neither a slope nor dive at the tip, but rounded. This nose type actually can complement a lot of facial structures extremely well, especially jawlines that are more rounded than defined.

So, what can our nose reshaper product do for whatever nose type you have? If you have too much, or not enough of a slope, our reshaper can tip the nose to the desired place to complement your face. If your nostrils are too wide, it can shape them to the fit of your facial structure.

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