Nose Health and Reshaping

5th Oct 2015

There are many things that we subject many parts of our bodies to everyday that are not optimal for our health, and our nose is no exception. Your nose is responsible for filtering in and out a lot of airborne pollutants that can affect your health. There are several ways that you can care for your nose on a day to day basis.

  • Breathe in clean air. Obviously you cannot control the environment in every location that you frequent during the day, however at home, try to keep the air as clean as you can. Wear a mask when cleaning, and be mindful of which chemicals you use. Sometimes rooms should not be used for a while after cleaning. Dust can also aggravate your nose, especially if you are allergic. Try to keep your home as dust free as possible. Furniture, carpeting and soft toys can all contribute to dust build up. Air filters can also help keep the air in your home healthy. If you are outside be mindful of what you are breathing. Sometimes when pollution is high, you should wear an appropriate mask, or avoid going outside.
  • Nasal Spray and Allergy medication. Nasal spray can be really helpful in some instances, but over time your nose might depend on the medication to breathe properly. The medication can also be harsh on the nasal linings. Some allergy medications reduce the production of mucus to clear the nasal cavities which can dry out the nostrils. Be wary of overuse of these products and use only as recommended by your Doctor. Saline rinses and sprays for the nose and sinuses are a very gentle and safe way to clear out mucus and allergens without drying the nose. Most people can safely use a saline rinse every day.
  • Humidity. Keeping the air in your home slightly humid is also recommended for nasal health. Dry air dries out the nose and can disrupt your sleep at times. Try purchasing a humidifier, it will ease your breathing when you are sleeping.
  • Wash your hands It may sound silly washing your hands to keep your nose healthy, but it is the single most effective way to help prevent cold and flu virus infections. You touch many surfaces during the day that potentially have viruses on them. You also probably touch your face and nose, preventing this transfer of germs can contribute greatly to keeping you healthy.
  • Using a Nosesecret.  Get the right sized Nosesecret, insert it correctly and wear occasionally at first until your nose is used to it. Enjoy the health giving confidence boost that comes with your new look!