Happy National Selfie Day! 5 Secrets to Love Your Selfie

21st Jun 2016

Today is National Selfie Day ! 5 secrets to turn you into a Selfie lover.

Selfies are getting more and more popular now due to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchats. It’s so popular that we now have a National Selfie Day to indulge our vanity and celebrate how great we look, but not everyone is a selfie lover.

While privacy is a big issue, self-image and confidence plays a big roll on how much we want to expose ourselves on social media. Let’s be honest everyone wants to look great in their selfie especially if it will be shared and judged by millions out there.

If you happen to not be a selfie lover , here are some tips and tricks that may get you to love your selfies!

  • 1.You want to share a great moment and snap a great photo. Experts say that your left side always registers best on camera so practice to show your best angle. Make sure your camera settings are properly adjusted because having a good background and good lighting can make a huge difference.
  • 2.If your skin complexion is uneven, use a high definition foundation that covers imperfections or master the filters that your phone offers to digitally enhance your selfie. Got a pimple? No problem! You can use a variety of apps to help blur or blemish any annoying imperfections on your face and they can also help improve a poor lighted selfie.
  • 3.If you have dreamed about a nose job and do not dare to take a selfie because of that, there are different inexpensive ways to instantly shape you nose for a selfie. Instead of spending time trying to contour your nose with make-up, The Nose enhancers NoseSecret can give you a nose lift results in seconds for few bucks.
  • 4.Facial expressions matter so if you want to show your best, refrain yourself from opening your eyes too much, bite your lip , show a smirk instead of a smile. Self-confidence can be masked by having the wrong expression.
  • 5.Best of all, sharing those happy moments is all that counts. Learn more tips and tricks and share more of those wonderful moments. Happy Selfie Day!