Posted by The Nosesecret team on 13th Mar 2020

Be aware of scammers using our brand to request money

It has come to our attention that someone is requesting payment via Cash up on behalf of our brand NoseSecret®. We were notified that someone had submitted a claim with regarding a Cash up transaction that was requested on our behalf.

For clarification let us inform you that: :

  • -We do not request payments of any kind outside the online transaction on our website . On some occasions, customers might receive an invoice via Paypal if they require additional services.
  • -NoseSecret does not take payment s with the “CASH UP “ app on our site
  • -We do not send emails soliciting payments of any kind.
  • -NoseSecret had been in business for 12 years, so we have gained the trust of our customers, and we take this kind of claims very seriously.
  • If you look closely at these claims, the landing page is a broken link or images sent are not related at all to us. They seem to be using our contact information to commit fraud. We have reported the issue to the authorities.

If you come across with any request of payment, please forward the email to us or alert us at or