3 Reasons To Avoid Rhinoplasty

10th Jun 2015

There are many people today that are looking to alter the appearance of their nose, while rhinoplasty is an option for changing your appearance there are also safer, less invasive, methods of nose reshaping. Nose Secret is a nose reshaping tool that requires no surgery, and can be removed if you decide you do not prefer the alteration. To help you better understand the lesser known hazards of traditional nose jobs, we have listed 3 reasons to avoid surgical nose reshaping.


As with any surgery, the decision should not be made lightly. Adverse reactions to anesthesia, infections, and permanent nerve damage can all result from surgical nose reshaping. Beyond medical risks, there is also a chance that the surgeon over or under corrects the nose reshaping, which would result in having to go under the knife again.

Side Effects

Even if you are able to avoid the risks of rhinoplasty, you are still likely to experience the side effects associated with surgical nose reshaping. Pain, swelling, and bruising are all common side effects of surgery, and the severity and recovery of these side effects vary from person to person.


Cosmetic surgery is also a financial hazard. The initial cost of surgery is typically exorbitant, and skimping on the cost will greaten the risks already involved with your rhinoplasty. Beyond the initial cost, the risks and side effects associated contain their own costs, especially if they are severe. All of the costs associated with rhinoplasty are rarely if ever covered by insurance, as cosmetic surgery is a personal choice.

Whatever the reason for your wanting nose reshaping, surgery should be a last resort. Before setting an appointment with your surgeon, consider alternatives such as the  Nose Secret nose reshaping tool. After all if you decide you still want more out of your nose reshaping you can always remove the nose reshaping tool. Carefully consider your decision, and all of the included consequences before making such a large life decision.