​“Does do-it-yourself nose lift work?”

​“Does do-it-yourself nose lift work?”

Posted by The NoseSecret Team on 6th Aug 2020

Much has been said about the different ways to improve people's noses using surgical and non-surgical solutions. Americans like plastic surgery, but their preference has changed over time . 

For instance, the appetite for surgical nose lift decreased from 2018 to 2019, according to the  American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

The reality is that fewer people are willing to go under the knife for a variety of reasons, such as not wanting to deal with the hassle of time-consuming revision surgeries.

Non-surgical nose job procedures have become more popular. 

While temporary results might not sit well with some, it opens the door for others to experiment with the idea of reshaping the nose without drastic and permanent results such as rhinoplasty.

One of the products that offer nose-reshaping-benefits without going under the knife is the NoseSecret® nose enhancer. 

With thirteen years in the field and hundreds of thousands of reshaped noses, this brand had proved that you do not need expensive procedures to improve the shape of the nose: it can be done from the comfort of your home.

The makers of NoseSecret® never intended to compete with the plastic surgery industry.

After all, surgeons are not competing with contact lenses makers. Instead, the NoseSecret® splints can even give you an idea as to how a nose lift would look like after surgery. 

In fact, in some places around the world, plastic surgeons use NoseSecret® to showcase nose job results.

How does NoseSecret®  give you nose lift results?

The NoseSecret® uses plastic splints that you insert at the inside edge of each nostril, creating a gentle pressure between the tip and the base of the nose.

The splints then lift the tip of the nose and narrow the width of the nostrils, instantly giving the results of a slimmer and sharper nose tip.

Are the results of NoseSecret® permanent?

The splints should be seen as a temporary solution and are a great cosmetic tool for enhancing the shape of the nose without using heavy makeup to contour. 

They come in handy for photoshoots as they give the illusion of a smaller nose without layers of makeup.

However, a good percentage of NoseSecret® reviews claim to have seen results even when they don’t have the splints in place. 

According to the creators of the product, NoseSecret® should be viewed as a cosmetic too l.

What are the best types of noses that work best for this product?

Like any other product, NoseSecret® is not a “fix-all” tool. Instead, it works around certain nose traits and improves the most common issues:

1. Large bulbous nose tip: excessive skin tissue at the tip of the nose can create an undesirable, rounded, and heavy nose tip.The splints are flexible yet strong enough to support and lift heavy tissue to the tip of the nose, making it look slimmer.

2. Low or flat nose bridge: a wide nose can be a good trait, but some individuals might want more definition at the tip of the nose

Once in place, the splints lift the nose tip. At the same time, it narrows the nostrils, giving the nose a more contoured look as well as more definition at the bridge.

3. Droopy nose tip: a droopy nose tip is mostly caused by a large concentration of cartilage around the nose.

It might be because of sagging and aged skin, or it might be due to external factors such as traumatic accidents. 

The NoseSecret® splints, flexibility, and strength hold and lift the tip of the nose, creating a more flattering profile.

4.  Prominent hump or nose bump: a prominent hump or bump on the bridge of the nose can drive attention away from the eyes. 

However, people may not want to get rid of the hump all together but are looking for a remedy that improves its appearance. 

The NoseSecret® nose enhancer does just that: it lifts the tip of the nose, giving a more even look at the bridge.

5. Crooked nose: Uneven nostrils can be caused by an injury, overgrowth of cartilage that pull the nose to one side or hereditary factors totally out of your control. 

The complexity of this issue makes it very challenging for the splints to do the perfect trick. 

However, NoseSecret® users have found creative ways to approach to fix this issue by using different splint sizes for each nostril to create symmetry.

NoseSecret Before and After Photo

Are all do-it yourself nose shapers the same?

While most nose splints look similar, there are substantial differences that can directly affect results.

Some unknown brands offer endless options, such as color variety, silicone tip and less firm material which has moved them away from the core purpose of the splints.

NoseSecret® is a brand built by a user and for the users of the product, focusing on results. There are no drawbacks that compromise the end results of the splints and we do not offer products that employees wouldn’t use themselves.

Where is NoseSecret® made?

NoseSecret® products are made in the United States. The company is proud of the quality of its products and the loyalty of its worldwide customer base.

Where can I buy the original NoseSecret®?

The original NoseSecret® is sold at NoseSecret.com. NoseSecret® is not sold on Amazon or any other marketplace, except on Poshmark and Ebay under the authorized accounts titled NoseSecret® and Fabtrend.